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    Not to drag this further off but with most banks you can set the limit. I think mine is $500. If I need more I just call, give them some info to confirm it’s me, then they’ll crank it up for that withdrawal. That’s a smokin’ deal. If you’re on Facebook post it on the Upper Left Cummins page.
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    The guy literally said he couldn’t buy it because he went to the ATM to get cash and it wouldn’t give it to him... 😂😂😂
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    4 get the job done for me, I like the set he made for his Band Saw, If you remember I sold my small band saw after i go chance to pick up large ridge horizontal band saw.
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    My 07 mega and now my 10 both have had steel spacers I like the look and haven’t had any issues with them I can see a spring may give better ride
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