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    They can leak through the seal into the space between the transfer case and the transmission. It would not leak into the transfer case itself. It had fluid in it when I drained it but I did measure what was there. It could have been low enough on fluid to cause the top bearings to run dry and seize. My guess is a combination of things one lack of maintenance and two a leak somewhere that went unnoticed. These transmissions do not need to be very low on fluid to go bad. The angle of the transmission and the low amount of fluid they hold to the drain level both contribute to the problem. We definitely do a good deed overfilling them by a quart.
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    I have put 10,000 miles on the new truck (it has 72,000 total now) and thought I would let you guys what I think so far. The only other thing I have to compare it to is the 02 since I had never been in a 4th gen until Mark Smith gave me his to drive. I had only rode in a few 3rd gen trucks as well so I was totally new to this stuff. Suspension and steering: Even though it is a one ton it rides better than the 02 by far. Even when the 02 had factory springs and air bags. The front end on this truck is massive! The control arms are huge! Everything is way more stout than the 02. I am amazed how easy this truck is to drive. The steering on the 02 forced me to be a very active driver, you could not just hold the wheel it was a constant battle to keep it straight down the road. This truck is a two fingers on the wheel and cruise. With the camper and boat I put 35lbs in the air bags and it drives like it's empty. I don't have the leaning and sway the 02 had and you don't feel like you have to brake into corners for fear of rolling it. Brakes: the brakes are light years ahead of the 02, the integrated trailer brake controller works great. With the camper and towing the boat with surge brakes the truck has no problem stopping and no fade. The exhaust brake is incredible! I wish somebody had told me years ago how nice an exhaust brake is. The antilock system and traction control work very well and the exhaust brake is tied into the traction control system so if you loose traction the exhaust brake shuts off and won't cause you to spin out. I wish the exhaust brake would stay on when selected but you have to turn it on each time you start the truck unless you are hooked to a trailer it stays on then. Engine: All I can is WOW! This 6.7 is smooth quiet and powerful. It pulls like freight train and temps have never been an issue. I have not seen over 950° on the pyro other than when the DEF is active the downstream egt sensor got a little over 1000° once. Water temp has never been an issue I haven't even had to shut off the AC pulling hills. I have never seen 200° water temps. I can't get over how quiet it is. Transmission: I am sold! This auto is so nice. Everything Mark and Byron told me is true. This thing just knows what gear it needs to be in and it goes there. The shifts are very smooth and fluid. It almost seems sloppy like a really loose converter until you realize how fast you are gaining speed. It does have times when it hunts for the right gear pulli g a hill loaded and occasionally when your aproching a stop light and it changes before you come to complete stop when you get back on the throttle it will slam the next gear. But that is rare. This transmission never gets hot and is so smooth it's amazing. It works perfectly with the exhaust brake as well. Interior: I have never had anything but SLT level trucks so a Laramie loaded with almost every option was a whole new world for me. I am a leather covert. I have never had a vehicle with leather and never thought I wanted it. I was wrong! Heated and cooled leather seats are great. The position memory for seats, mirrors and peddle position are great for when Terry drives the truck. Separate heater control's are very nice as well. The under floor storage and folding rear seats that have a fold out floor are great for taking the dogs or hauling gear. The stereo is awesome! Other: the keyless entry/start took some time to get used to but I like it a lot now. Being able to walk up to a locked truck and just grab the door handle to unlock it is really nice. For Terry it's great to not have to fumble for keys or worry about somebody sneaking up on her while she unlocks it. The auto lock button on the door handle is very nice as well. Is has great headlights and interior lighting as well. The navigation screen and controls are really nice. Little things like the auto start on a cold day automatically turning on the seat and steering wheel heater is cool! Pro's: all of the above Con's: The only things I can complain about is for some reason the driver's side front window rattles when you roll it down. Terry does not care for the seats, she feels like she is sliding out of the seat and has to put a non skid pad on the seat and the headrest is too far forward for her. I removed the rear seat headrests because they create a large blind spot and we very rarely have rear seat passengers, the rear headrests are much more vertical that the front seats so I put a rear seat headrest on the passenger front seat and Terry loves it. The rear view camera in the tailgate drives me nuts. It works great when you have the tailgate on but I have it off a lot. A camera in the license plate frame would be great. I am going to add one soon. All in all I am loving this truck! I set one of the trip meters the day I got the truck and so far with a lot of towing I am averaging over 17 mpg and I am very happy with that.
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    The extents we go to see friends. Hoss burns down an engine.... etc. Its good to have friends!
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    Your welcome. I have no doubt you could have figured out a way to do it solo but it was much easier with two, plus it is always fun shooting the breeze.
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    I also have heard guys using a street elbow in plug hole to achieve extra capacity
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    Weld bung into pto cover used sight glass from hydraulic tank would work
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    So was it low or out of fluid when you opened it up? Can these leak into an inconspicuous place (into the T Case?) or just leak while rolling down the road so maybe a fella wouldn't notice? I'm going to pull a screw and check mine but a guy'd sure hate to have something like this sneak up on him . Sounds like about as good of an outcome as anyone could have hoped for getting his rig fixed, nicely done fellas.
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