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    I went to air up my rear bags on my Denali the other when I had a car on a trailer and I didn't like how low the rear sat. So I lift the switch and nothing. I check the fuse and it's blown, put another fuse in and the same thing, blew another fuse. I was only 180 miles from home so I just hit I-5 and drove. It really did drive fine but there were a few bumps that it did bottom out on so I jumped off 5 and took the back roads home. This was last week, I pulled the compressor off today and the first thing I noticed was rust around the air inlet as I took the front cover off the pump more rust and barnacle on the aluminum housing. So I pulled the head and it looks like new so that water didn't come in from there. The electric motor spins free but the rod is Frozen to the crank pin. I thought I had it in a location that was well protected from water intrusion... I guess I was wrong...wait a minute, I WAS WRONG! I'm human after all! I will see if I can get a new bearing for it and put it back in. I guess I will have to make a cover for it. I hope I can just get away with new bearing but I'm sure it's some metric off the wall size.
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    It was over 90° both days and I put in 5:00am to 7-8 pm hours both days. Drank more water than I ever thought I could hold. Here is few more pictures. Tomorrow I go get the last two middle blocks and then I can put them and the last two top blocks on and finish the gravel backfill and start adding topsoil.
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    they also make them with a river rock front [rounded rock]
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    Kelly knows how to work that puzzle and make it his beach!🤣